About Autosole group

Autosole – hotels, aparthotels and motels for various tastes

Gruppoautosole combines seven elegant and comfortable Italian style hotels, aparthotels and motels in three European countries: in Milan, Italy; Rīga, Latvia, and Cancelada, Andalusia, Spain. Always homely and welcoming, they offer families a selection of aparthotels or Studio type apartments. For those seeking romance, there are unique Fashion Room concept rooms with a sauna or Jacuzzi, while De Luxe class rooms are available for guests who love extra comfort. At Autosole hotels, tourists can enjoy quality rest and businessmen can conduct successful transactions. Parking spaces are available everywhere, while our rooms all contain extra large beds. Your stay with us will become a comfortable and unforgettable experience.

The history of Gruppoautosole

Gruppoautosole is a family-owned company with a long and interesting history. We are proud that its foundations are built on the experience accumulated since 1950 over two generations in Italy, managing real estate and hotels, as well as building residential premises.

Our first motel Autosole Lodi was designed and built in 1979 alongside the Milan–Rome Autosole motorway. It soon became very popular and acquired an excellent reputation thanks to its wonderful and confidential service. The name of the motorway, “Autosole” also became the name of this motel and subsequently that of all hotels, residences and motels belonging to Gruppoautosole. Later from 1980 to 1990, designs were created and built for several residential projects in Milan.

In 2001, Gruppoautosole expanded its operations outside Italy, entering the Latvian real estate market and acquiring two hotels in the Latvian capital of Rīga on Ernestīnes Street and Čaka Street.

Subsequently in 2007, the authentic restoration of a house built on Hospitāļu Street in Rīga in 1900 was completed, as a result of which a third hotel opened for business – the aparthotel Autosole. From 2009 to 2011, the Autosole motel on Ernestīnes Street was significantly expanded so that Gruppoautosole could install rooms there designed according to its original Fashion Room concept.

Back in 2004, Gruppoautosole entered the Spanish market. In a place of outstanding beauty, alongside the world famous resort of Marbella, in the charming small town of Cancelada on the Mediterranean shore, the Autosole apartment residence opened for business. In 2012, it was completely redesigned in line with the simplified Fashion Room concept.

In 2007, the construction and installation of a new three star hotel was completed not far from the centre of Milan.

And finally in 2012, Gruppoautosole opened its seventh and, to date, latest hotel, Motel Autosole VIP alongside the A7 motorway between Milan and Ligurian port city of Genoa. Here, for the first time, Autosole’s patented Fashion Room concept has been implemented in all its fantastic beauty, which, through its emotions and fantasies, offers Autosole’s guest the chance to become true “global travellers”.

Gruppoautosole does not intend to rest on its laurels and is already planning new projects.

About Gruppoautosole’s new logo

Autosole’s new logo was created in 2012. It symbolically depicts a road facing the sun and incorporates every traveller’s dream – to arrive in new places where there is “more sun”, and spiritually – in places offering more new impressions and the light of revelation. Our logo also indirectly tells the story of our history – our first motel Autosole Lodi was built right alongside the Autosole motorway, while the motorway symbol signifies constant movement and the road to new impressions. In fact, the logo also incorporates another story of importance to us – no matter how long your journey is, you will always end up in a place where you’ll be greeted with the same warmth, joy and genuine love as you expect from the sun (Il Sole). Therefore, the motto of Autosole’s hotels, residences and motels is: “Sunshine forever here!”

Autosole’s values and mission

Regardless of the purpose of their trip, every guest staying with us will find that we offer the comforts and conveniences which he or she most enjoys and desires. The operating principles of Autosole’s motels, hotels and residences are simple and are expressed in terms such as homely peace, guaranteed rest, an understanding attitude, inspiring opportunities, attractive offers, a feeling of comfort and a friend always at your side whom you can rely on. In our opinion, this should help Autosole’s guests to recharge their batteries and nurture their creative inspiration. They should be rejuvenated. Life is so beautiful; even on the darkest days the sun shines, and we try to prove this through our positive attitude towards our clients. Therefore, we can confidently say that for guests staying at our hotels, motels and apartment residences; it’s “Sunshine forever here!”